CUE 2017 -Day 2


The Innovator’s Mindset

George Couros

  • The smartest person in the room is the room
  • TED – Kate Simons: I’m Seventeen
  • Education will always be about relationships.
  • Gosling cereal
  • Mr bird stammer
  • Twitter in 60 sec…mitosis in 60 sec
  • Washington valedictory instagram compliments
  • Beyonce snuggy
  • Rube Goldberg kid
  • Pro social network, digital port, page
  • Digital photography process of the final photo – bridge video
  • Rave benny hill
  • Social media is like water. You can either let us drown or teach us to swim.
  • Make the positives so loud that the negatives are almost impossible to hear.

Video Project

Rushton Hurley



  • Citation mindset
  • Creative Commons search
  • It’s not the tools, it’s the inspiration.
  • Simple tools are important…tools shouldn’t get in the way.
  • – sample videos
  • Audio
  • – link or download…no account needed…doesn’t seem to work on iPad 
  • Audacity
  • Sound trap (like GarageBand)…really cool
  • Freesound – sound effects community…CC
  • Images
  • Creative Commons Search – Flickr, Wikimedia Commons – beta
  • Photos for Class – – creates image w/ citation
  • Adobe Spark – wow!…awesome tool
  • YouTube editor/editor
  • Wevideo-best online editor
  • EDpuzzle – ad questions quizzes to videos
  • Always do a script
  • Have an audience
  • Option of doing a poster
  • Partners
  • Time limits
  • Other rules…no death
  • Turn in as links
  • Never do an image search in front of kids
  • Done is better than perfect

Building Better Math Activities

John Stevens
Are You Ready to #GoOpen?

Kristina Peters


  • Using openly licensed resources
  • OER not identical to GoOpen
  • Materials are not keeping pace…
  • Educators already find current resources…
  • Use, reuse, modification, and sharing
  • Free+Reuse rights – retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute…
  • OER – Free digital learning resource (copyrighted) – proprietary 
  • OER Commons (GoOpen platform) – Amazon – Microsoft – Follett – Edmodo

Google Story Builder


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