The waiting is the hardest part…

Pretty devious of the Google Innovator folks to have applications for LAX18 come due just as the school year is winding down with all the craziness that goes with the end of the year.

I’m hoping the third time will be the charm for me. I like my idea for my Innovation Project…not sure it comes out in the 90 second video. Basically, I’d like to provide resources and a gathering place for teachers and students to develop and polish their skills with images and video. Check out my application video below (as well as my two previous attempts).

Graphics and Illustration for Educators

Robert Faust

Just completed the Graphics and Illustration course from Adobe Education Exchange. This was my second class with Adobe EdEx and once again it was a great experience.

Illustrator is a application that I had never felt comfortable with. Since I started my Adobe journey with Photoshop, it was always difficult to think vector rather than raster. I can now say that the pen tool and I are on speaking terms…friends even!

Check out the learning journal to see the various projects. Squeezing projects in amidst the craziness of teaching wasn’t always easy, but we do the best we can in the time we have.

CUE – Day 2


Unorganized notes to edit later…

Oriental Trading – source of kitschy stuff

Session 5
The Google You Might Not Know About
Leslie Fischer
Video: minutes without the internet at&t
Yellkey – time limited short urls
Add +to Gmail before @ ….sign up with new emails
QRstuff – qr codes for specific sites…
Google Tone –
Send links to chrome books….in area – presentation links
EDPuzzle – embed in Classroom
Doodles –
Google Science Journal – collect data from phones…
Google smarty pins – geo trivia cool!
Search Atari breakout
Steve the internet dinosaur
Mystery Animal – 20 questions
Story speaker – build adventure from google doc (google home only)
Google experiments – like google labs of old…
Google photo scan

Session 6
Google Apps Script for Noobs: You Can Code
/scripts – discussion tab/create group docs/pull the paragraph

Google apps script tutorial —>


Session 8
Google Slides
Michael Niehoff
Nancy Duarte…resources

Hyperdocs –
Draftback – extension

CUE Day 1

Meredith Walker
Burn out without ever being on fire
Unscripted life
Get your hair wet

Session 1
Leveling Up! The Four Realms for Effective Technology Use
Dan McDowell, Reuben Hoffman

Session 2
Inspiring Change: A Discussion about Instructional Coaching
Jo-Ann Fox, Delaine Johnson, et. al.

Session 3
Google for Education Certified Innovators Panel – Time to Slam!
Google Song maker
Check Mark extension…cool…custom comments
Story speaker extension
docAppender –

Session 4
Draw Your Learning – A Picture Communicates 1000 Words
Rebecca Girard

Video for Educators Class

Video for Educators

I’m glad to be back with Adobe. For probably ten years they priced themselves out of our school. Their education pricing didn’t accommodate for small schools like mine. For the past three years we’ve been part of an agreement through CETPA that has brought Adobe tools back into our classes.

To get back up to speed with the Creative Cloud apps, and to get ready for our new digital video class, I took the Video for Educators course through the Adobe Education Exchange. It was a great experience and not only provided some great project ideas, but provided a good foundation of video production principles in addition to learning to use Premiere Pro.

Part of the class was a learning journal that I’ve linked above. Check it our to see my projects and some of the things I learned.