If you’re here, you’ve stumbled on a work in progress. This site will share some useful resources and observations about the ever-changing edtech landscape.

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imPRESSive TECHnologies

The EdTech landscape is constantly evolving. This page lists what I currently see as the hottest and most impactful resources for educators.

EdTech Learning Online


Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
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It’s an exciting time to be an educator! The learning technologies that are emerging today are creating opportunities for education at an unprecedented rate. This site is my little corner of the Web where I will share my interests and some of the things I’m working on. Feel free to poke around a bit!


CUE Day 1

Keynote Meredith Walker Burn out without ever being on fire Unscripted life Get your hair wet Session 1 Leveling Up! The Four Realms for Effective Technology Use Dan McDowell, Reuben Hoffman bit.ly/4Realms Session 2 Inspiring Change: A Discussion about Instructional Coaching Jo-Ann Fox, Delaine Johnson, et. al. Session 3 Google for Education Certified Innovators Panel …


Robert Faust
Technology Coordinator
California Lutheran High School