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It's an exciting time to be an educator! The learning technologies that are emerging today are creating opportunities for education at an unprecedented rate. This site is my little corner of the Web where I will share my interests and some of the things I'm working on. Feel free to poke around a bit!
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The name 'mpressiv' was certainly not chosen due to the site owner's high self-image. Let me explain...

Once upon a time a good friend approached me with the promise of uncountable riches through the selling of weight loss products via the Internet. She had the skills of selling...I knew how to make a website...kind of...

To make the story short, I needed a domain to host these mini-sites. I needed a domain name...fast. No better way to kill creativity! I had had a discussion around that time with some students about the 'creation' of slang terminology. We all agreed it had to start somewhere...so we decided to create our own slang term. The term we came up with was—'press'—meaning impressive.We all promised to include this new slang gem in our daily vocabulary. We were sure it would soon sweep the English speaking world. You already know the results! Help us out! and, by the way, enjoy this press site!



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Robert Faust
California Lutheran High School
Science/Math/ Technology Instructor
Technology Coordinator

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