CUE 2017 – Day 1

Here are some jumbled jottings…Hopefully I’ll have some time to clean them up.


The Mindset Revolution: Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset
Jo Boaler

  • youcubed – website
  • Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset
  • No such thing as a math person, science person, etc.
  • There is no “wall” that you hit in (math) education
  • Make mistakes…synapses fire…learn more from mistakes
  • Challenged and struggling …best brain growth
  • Don’t label students as “smart” or “gifted”
  • “I’m giving you this feedback because I believe in you.”
  • Videos – How to Learn Math (students | teachers)
  • Creativity is inhibited by speed, performance orientation, performance and rewards
  • Transformative power of a mistakes friendly environment

Multimedia Textsets + Google Docs = Hyperdocs
Kristen Bell


  • – (not com) Hyperdoc site
  • Re-check goobric
  • Download content to Google Dive
  • Google arts & culture … favorites…create album
  • ListenCurrent – audio resource site
  • Liftedlines – quote resources


Hidden Gems in Google


Google Drive

  • Open image…use eye then arrow
  • Asterisks in names…to top
  • Ctrl-z – drag (add to multiple folder)

Google Sheets


  • Color pick eye dropper
  • Safe YouTube…strips ads etc.


  • Google Keep notes…writing comments…todo lists
  • Copy….change edit to copy


Didn’t have the chance, but worth checking out…


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