Tech Tool Gallimaufry

Superintendent Aguilar and I presented a collection (gallimaufry) of tech tools for a sectional at the Arizona-California District Teachers’ Conference in San Diego.

Tools change all the time, but I think this is a pretty good collection of some of the tools currently out there. If you have a suggestion for another, there’s a link at the upper right to add your own suggestion.

Visit the site here.

On add-ons, and scripts, and things…

We’ve been using a paper-based notification system for years to document behavioral and academic issues with students. It’s involved lots of paper and email and too many people.

After an amazing workshop with Brent Coley, I realized two Google Suite plugins he showcased could simplify lots of things with our process.

The add-ons are autoCrat and copyDown. Now when teachers need to notify a student, their parents, and their faculty adviser…they just complete and submit a Google form. Emails are sent to all concerned parties and a pdf copy is saved to a folder in Google Drive.

While wrangling spreadsheets to my will, I got over a major hurdle thanks to this tip from Looks to be an amazing resource!

<This post is mostly a buried acorn for me…if you want to know details…let me know.>

Google Innovation Academy – Washington D.C. 2017

I just submitted my application for the Google Innovation Academy this August in Washington D.C. It’s crazy trying to pull everything together just as the school year is ending, but…I got everything done. It was a big investment of time…but worth it. Even though the odds of getting accepted are small, I’d love the opportunity.

Here’s  my Project Vision Video and my old application video (didn’t make it) for the Google Certified Teacher Academy a number of years ago.

CUE 2017 – Day 3

Better Math Labs with Desmos: Leveraging Technology through Collaboration

Zed Butler

  • Polygraph…can be used with lots of activities.
  • Create polygraph w/ postits first… 
  • Use Google slides to create images…

The Web 2.0 You Might Not Know About

Leslie Fisher – find press here

  • Find: tools you can use tomorrow
  • Minecraft Education
  • Civilization Education – (Summer 2017)
  • – battling pollution available
  • Flippity Badge Tracker – check out flippity
  • Plickers – image of cards for grading…
  • EdPuzzle – assessment layer to videos…supports Google Classroom…iOS and android apps
  • ClassHub – student management system ******** manage student devices (check out ‘Clever’ …single logins) $8/student/year
  • Seesaw… …get content off student devices…portfolios
  • Newsela…98% free
  • Doodle…scheduler
  • Google Voice Typing
  • … qr codes you can change target
  • – good for static 
  • Google Tone – chrome plugin…push web pages to devices
  • – send URL to devices
  • Google Cast for Education – pushes screen the Chrome browser
  • Smarty pins …check out
  • – 
  • versal – put a lesson online
  • Wufoo – create forms…easier than Google forms…drag, customize
  • Classcraft – rewards in game…like Warcraft…very collaborative
  • Chore wars –
  • Permission Click – online permission forms…hierarchy permissions
  • Mystery Skype – interact with classes around the world


The Art and Soul of Education

Kathy Hunt

CUE 2017 -Day 2


The Innovator’s Mindset

George Couros

  • The smartest person in the room is the room
  • TED – Kate Simons: I’m Seventeen
  • Education will always be about relationships.
  • Gosling cereal
  • Mr bird stammer
  • Twitter in 60 sec…mitosis in 60 sec
  • Washington valedictory instagram compliments
  • Beyonce snuggy
  • Rube Goldberg kid
  • Pro social network, digital port, page
  • Digital photography process of the final photo – bridge video
  • Rave benny hill
  • Social media is like water. You can either let us drown or teach us to swim.
  • Make the positives so loud that the negatives are almost impossible to hear.

Video Project

Rushton Hurley



  • Citation mindset
  • Creative Commons search
  • It’s not the tools, it’s the inspiration.
  • Simple tools are important…tools shouldn’t get in the way.
  • – sample videos
  • Audio
  • – link or download…no account needed…doesn’t seem to work on iPad 
  • Audacity
  • Sound trap (like GarageBand)…really cool
  • Freesound – sound effects community…CC
  • Images
  • Creative Commons Search – Flickr, Wikimedia Commons – beta
  • Photos for Class – – creates image w/ citation
  • Adobe Spark – wow!…awesome tool
  • YouTube editor/editor
  • Wevideo-best online editor
  • EDpuzzle – ad questions quizzes to videos
  • Always do a script
  • Have an audience
  • Option of doing a poster
  • Partners
  • Time limits
  • Other rules…no death
  • Turn in as links
  • Never do an image search in front of kids
  • Done is better than perfect

Building Better Math Activities

John Stevens
Are You Ready to #GoOpen?

Kristina Peters


  • Using openly licensed resources
  • OER not identical to GoOpen
  • Materials are not keeping pace…
  • Educators already find current resources…
  • Use, reuse, modification, and sharing
  • Free+Reuse rights – retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute…
  • OER – Free digital learning resource (copyrighted) – proprietary 
  • OER Commons (GoOpen platform) – Amazon – Microsoft – Follett – Edmodo

Google Story Builder


CUE 2017 – Day 1

Here are some jumbled jottings…Hopefully I’ll have some time to clean them up.


The Mindset Revolution: Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset
Jo Boaler

  • youcubed – website
  • Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset
  • No such thing as a math person, science person, etc.
  • There is no “wall” that you hit in (math) education
  • Make mistakes…synapses fire…learn more from mistakes
  • Challenged and struggling …best brain growth
  • Don’t label students as “smart” or “gifted”
  • “I’m giving you this feedback because I believe in you.”
  • Videos – How to Learn Math (students | teachers)
  • Creativity is inhibited by speed, performance orientation, performance and rewards
  • Transformative power of a mistakes friendly environment

Multimedia Textsets + Google Docs = Hyperdocs
Kristen Bell


  • – (not com) Hyperdoc site
  • Re-check goobric
  • Download content to Google Dive
  • Google arts & culture … favorites…create album
  • ListenCurrent – audio resource site
  • Liftedlines – quote resources


Hidden Gems in Google


Google Drive

  • Open image…use eye then arrow
  • Asterisks in names…to top
  • Ctrl-z – drag (add to multiple folder)

Google Sheets


  • Color pick eye dropper
  • Safe YouTube…strips ads etc.


  • Google Keep notes…writing comments…todo lists
  • Copy….change edit to copy


Didn’t have the chance, but worth checking out…


California’s Kelp Forest



I love to dive the kelp forests off the SoCal coast. When I first started to dive I was overwhelmed at the variety of species I was seeing. Over time, I started to see the order within the complexity. What I couldn’t find was a good website that would help me with the monumental  task of learning about what I was seeing in this entirely new world.

So I put my students to work! This site has some great resources on the kelp forest. I’ll even be so bold as to say I haven’t seen one with more resources (and links to resources) in one place.  The biology class of 16-17 did a great job providing info on some of the organisms as part of their unit on ecology.  I particularly like the webcams and videos linked throughout, but especially on the resources page.

When I need to relax, the Anacapa Ocean live stream does it every time (during daylight anyway :-).

Within a few days of publishing the project, Google released their new Google Sites. We hope you enjoy! Click the link below or the image above to visit.

Kelp Forest Organisms – CLHS Biology 2016