Digital Photography for Educators

Robert Faust

I like when I open an educational door expecting one thing and find something else…completely unexpected, but wonderful. When I registered for this course through Adobe Education Exchange, I assumed it would be focused on Adobe’s iconic image editor, Photoshop. When it became clear the focus was Lightroom—particularly the new web-based Lightroom CC—I’ll admit to being a bit disappointed. I’d worked with Lightroom before. The desktop version is a standard of professional photographers and is a powerful platform for organizing photos, batch editing, and making quick adjustments. Lightroom CC takes that functionality to the Web and mobile devices.

Photography is a true love. With the tools and amazing smartphone cameras of today, we are truly in a golden age of photography. Seems like photo-literacy is a skill that should be built into our curriculum from an increasingly young age. We are educating a generation of media consumers like never before. They should be literate in the media that dominates their world.

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