California’s Kelp Forest



I love to dive the kelp forests off the SoCal coast. When I first started to dive I was overwhelmed at the variety of species I was seeing. Over time, I started to see the order within the complexity. What I couldn’t find was a good website that would help me with the monumental  task of learning about what I was seeing in this entirely new world.

So I put my students to work! This site has some great resources on the kelp forest. I’ll even be so bold as to say I haven’t seen one with more resources (and links to resources) in one place.  The biology class of 16-17 did a great job providing info on some of the organisms as part of their unit on ecology.  I particularly like the webcams and videos linked throughout, but especially on the resources page.

When I need to relax, the Anacapa Ocean live stream does it every time (during daylight anyway :-).

Within a few days of publishing the project, Google released their new Google Sites. We hope you enjoy! Click the link below or the image above to visit.

Kelp Forest Organisms – CLHS Biology 2016

Diving Catalina

Just published this short video of the most amazing school of fish I’ve encountered while diving. Called salema (Xenistius californenis), resources tell me they are common in southern California. I hadn’t recalled seeing them before. When researching them I discovered some videos of them at the Galapagos Islands. Quite a range!

Diving the Kelp Beds

I made this video as partial fulfillment for my advanced open water scuba certification. Visibility  was about average. For you non-divers, the viz is always better than the video shows.