CUE Day 2

What’s Up (hyper)Doc?
Nicole Beardsly

CHeck out… Tricider

Streamline Your Workflow
Kyle Brumbaugh
Elizabeth Brumbaugh

andragogy – adult learning

Shuck Corn with Ken – video

Customs search (settings) in Chrome

iorad – behaves like a screencast…

CUE Rockstar Academy
John Corrippo

The Fast and the Curious – use Kahoot as instruction…(Quizizz, Socrative
start with a bang…

Thin Slides
lots of reps…short time…(Parkinson’s Law)

Mask in google slides

Demo what you want your kids to use…

Provide the solution…not ther suggestion

BIG message – Humor – Sticky-ness – transformative – connected

presenter pro – 89.00

Random emoji generator

rory’s story cube…



Keepvid…4K video downloader

Exploiting Chaos …free pdf download — marketing

Thriving on CHaos – Tom Peters

Sun Tzu – The Art of War…Video

Kate – Slides URL

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